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This is "our" best of the best? Sad....

Feel like you live in the BEST Country in the World - Still?

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Democratic Republican = Eliminate Social Security / Medicare / Medicaid

  President Barack Obama 2008


 President Barack Obama 2012






In order of likelihood ???

Mitt Romney - RomneyCare is Identical to Obamacare?

Outsourcer - Career Politician - Mormon Bishop - Glen Beck - Multiple Wives - Doesn't believe in Jesus

He is a Progressive Republican - He instituted Obama care in his state - He was against the LOAN for Detroit Auto Makers - Then said he was for it? PHONY !

LMAO -  Newt Gingrich -

He is running (ONLY) to keep his donations ...

His 16 Staffers Quit after he went on his 2 week GREEK CRUISE !


Does he really believe the SHIT that he says? Really?

"I want you to know that I Balanced the Budget during the Clinton Presidency"...

Clinton balanced it by raising taxes on the RICH by a meager 3% - Claim credit Newt - Claim it !

Tea Baggers Love it !

Ron will run on a separate Libertarian ticket after dropping out

Ron Paul - 2012 GOP Straw poll winner

 Libertarians Are 50% Correct 50% Wrong / Insane?

Rick Santorum -Sanitorium /

Please don't Google my last name

Medicare removal is for Sissy's - I'm for Social Security Removal !



Drop Outs


Rick Perry

Not official , but do we need another TX idiot in the White House , after 8 yrs of the last one?

His stats = Wanted to secede from the USA - Highest number of un-insured in his state - highest number of minimum wage jobs - Used Obama's Stimulus to balance TX budget deficit of $27 Billion -->Link


CRAZY Michele Bachmann -Teabagger

 Her Step Sister - AND, Husband are GAY and he picks out her pant suits for her  >LINK

Jon Huntsman -Vacuum Cleaner Salesman- Not a chance

Herman Cain = The Pizza Guy !

And a NEGRO ! -    Seriously , a Black Republican President?

Minn. Governor Tim Pawlenty = TeaBagger = Yawn !

VP hopeful for whoever wins = He is TPaw ?

Our 1st Drop Out is none other than

  Mike Huckabee 2 faced - Teabagger

The Jokers in the deck below - Just used in certain games

Donald Trump

Donald will not run - due to the disclosure of his Disclosure of his Failed Money Affairs?


SMOOSH -Word Salad -  Palin



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