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Democrat Republican

The Winner Is !!!

  Senator Barack Obama


Americans Hate Bush & Republicans sooo much !


They voted for the complete Polar Opposite !

Thank GOD !!!!



Senator John McCain 

Your Loser Is...



Left Wing  

Right Wing


  Senator Christopher Dodd   <--- Best Video   Not A Chance!

  Senator Joe Biden    typical politician  Not A Chance!

  Governor Bill Richardson   Not A Chance!

  Representative Dennis Kucinich   Not A Chance!

  Former Senator Mike Gravel   Not A Chance!  Too Quiet

  Former Senator John Edwards  Long Video



  Representative Tom Tancredo  Not A Chance!

     Fred Thompson, former Senator of Tennessee  Not A Chance!

  Dr. Alan Keyes   Not A Chance!

  Representative Duncan Hunter * Bring Mfg. back to USA Anti China

  Rudy Giuliani former mayor of New York City  Not A Chance! Our 911 hero - what'd he do? Oh yeah he was a mayor, that makes him president worthy like George Washington

   Mitt Romney, fmr Governor of Massachusetts  Not A Chance! Arrogant

  Mike Huckabee fmr Governor of Arkansas    

  Ron Paul   





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